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New Virginia Majority Issues Statement on Advancement of Anti-Sanctuary Legislation SB1156

New Virginia Majority
January 19, 2019

Richmond, VA - New Virginia Majority issues the following statement on the Advancement of Anti-Sanctuary Legislation SB1156: Today SB 1156, an anti-immigrant bill sponsored by Sen. Richard Black, advanced out of committee. Anti-immigrant legislation such as SB 1156 poses a risk to public safety and enshrines discrimination. At a time when many Virginians are struggling, our elected representatives must focus on authentic justice for working families — good jobs, quality public schools, and affordable housing.

“Legislation like SB 1156 opens our localities to legal liability and makes intolerance the law of our Commonwealth,” said Tram Nguyen, Co-Executive Director of New Virginia Majority. “Virginia should pursue policies that make us more, not less, welcoming to newcomers. We won’t stop working to make Virginia fulfill the promise of its residents to be a just, welcoming, and democratic place."

Localities currently have some discretion on how they engage with federal immigration agencies like ICE. SB 1156 would prevent localities from exercising reasonable and appropriate discretion in how they interact with immigrants and immigrant detainees. As we work to create better pathways to citizenship, we oppose legislation that targets and criminalizes immigrant communities and weaken public safety.


New Virginia Majority builds power in working-class communities of color across the Commonwealth. We organize for racial and economic justice through large-scale political education, mobilization, and advocacy around dozens of issues. We fight for a Virginia that is just, democratic, and environmentally sustainable.