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Environmental Justice

We believe that communities should be informed of and have the power to make decisions about environmental policies, projects, and practices that impact their health and daily lives, and have access to workforce training and education for the green jobs of tomorrow. We support legislation that will: 

  1. Move us towards an equitable 100% clean and renewable energy plan. 
  2. Ensure that the state adopts formalized processes to analyze and address the environmental and public health impacts of policies and projects and provide meaningful opportunities for community accountability. 
  3. Provide targeted support for low-income individuals and people of color to obtain credentials, post-secondary education, or workforce training in environmental, renewable energy, or related fields.
  4. Ensure a just transition and utilize the Environmental Protection Agency's definition of environmental justice.

NVM is a member of the Virginia Climate Equity Working Group (CEWG), an equity-focused coalition of community groups advancing climate justice statewide in Virginia. Learn more here.