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Criminal Justice

We believe that a fair and just criminal justice system ensures that law enforcement officers are accountable to their communities, there are more community-based alternatives to incarceration, poverty is decriminalized, and returning citizens have a fair shot to succeed. We support legislation that will:

  1. End cash bail, fees, and fines for pretrial services, and reduce pretrial detention.
  2. Raise the felony larceny threshold from $500 to $1,500.
  3. Increase community-based alternatives to youth and adult incarceration.
  4. Repeal mandatory minimum sentencing and reinstate discretionary parole.
  5. Decriminalize marijuana and expunge charges from individual records.
  6. Create or strengthen the independent and civilian review of local police departments to increase transparency and community accountability.
  7. Increase support for local reentry programs to reduce recidivism and facilitate a successful transition back into society.
  8. End the privatization of Virginia’s prison system.