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We believe that all Virginia students should have access to a high-quality education, regardless of their zip code, race, immigration status, or country of origin. This includes having fully funded schools, affordable higher education and workforce training, and safe and supportive learning environments. We support legislation that will:


  1. Fully fund our public schools and ensure that they have the necessary instructional, support, and administrative staff.
  2. Strengthen programs that provide additional funding to support low-income students.
  3. Guarantee that all children have access to high-quality early childhood education.
  4. Provide free breakfast and lunch for all public school children.
  5. Collect and report data on the use of force, arrests, and other disciplinary actions taken by school resource officers (SROs) or other school security personnel.

Higher Education

  1. Allow undocumented Virginians to pay in-state tuition.
  2. Cover the full cost of higher education for low-income students and families, including tuition, required fees, course materials, and cost of living.
  3. Provide preferential admissions and tuition assistance to descendants of enslaved people who built Virginia’s public colleges and universities.