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January 2024 Newsletter


The Political Team will work throughout the 2024 legislative session to help connect voters to their senators and delegates. We are currently educating voters on their newly elected or re-elected representatives and providing contact information so voters can share what's on their minds with elected officials.

The volunteer team hosted its first meeting of the year about the 2024 legislative session on January 25. To learn more about future meetings/events, please visit

Absentee voting is now open for the Presidential Primary happening on March 5! To request an absentee mail ballot, please visit to request a ballot on or before February 24 at 5pm. 


On January 6, the Richmond chapter helped to organize a Three Kings Day (Día de Reyes) event, celebrating the rich cultural traditions of the Latino community. The primary objective of the celebration was to provide a platform for quality time and interaction among leaders who played a crucial role in our initiatives throughout the previous year. 

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our office in the preceding months, we successfully managed to distribute gifts to over 120 children in attendance. 

As part of the event, we took the opportunity to recognize and appreciate our most committed leaders, and also discussed the significance of supporting our legislative agenda. 

MLK Day Advocacy Day

The MLK Day celebration was marked by a concerted effort to advocate for our legislative agenda. Leaders from diverse communities had the opportunity to visit legislators, sharing their experiences as residents of the state and seeking support for the laws that align with our agenda. This engagement was a crucial step in promoting dialogue between our leaders and legislators to further the cause of justice, equality, and community welfare.


Opportunities for advocacy include rallies, public testimony, lobby days, meetings, media engagement, editorials, blogs, and speaking engagements. Please use this form to sign up so that we can contact you for opportunities to speak up this session. 

The 2024 Legislative Agenda is now out! Make sure to check out this year’s legislative policies. 

Norfolk Hub

NVM parents, teachers, and community members gathered at a school board meeting in Norfolk to demand a pilot program that would transform three existing schools into community learning centers, a strategy where communities, families and schools work in partnership to create a better learning environment for students.

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