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Housing Justice for St. Paul's

The so-called “revitalization” of the St.Paul’s neighborhood of Norfolk is really a mass displacement of low-income Black and Brown families. As hundreds of residents are pushed out of their homes, those who remain (for now) are facing dangerous building conditions that NRHA has failed to address. 

The displacement and mistreatment of Black and Brown communities is a continuation of the long legacy of racism in Norfolk. The NHRA Board of Commissioners, Mayor Alexander, and Norfolk City Council must take action to ensure that displaced St. Paul’s residents are not just another community pushed aside in the name of profit.

Our Demands: 

  • 1:1 replacement of affordable housing units
  • Build affordable housing first on available land in the St. Paul’s area so that residents can remain in their neighborhoods
  • Housing built outside of St. Paul’s must be in areas of equal opportunity in regards to jobs, transportation, and community resources 
  • NRHA must continue maintenance and repair on existing units while people are still living in them 

Want to get involved? Contact Monet Johnson, New Virginia Majority Community Organizer at [email protected]

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