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February 2024 Newsletter


Check out NVM's political organizers Jamel Ridgenal and Eric Suter-Bull who turned out ‘uncommitted’ votes in Michigan as part of the "Listen to Michigan" campaign to pressure President Biden to stop supporting the Israeli war on Palestine.

Since October, NVM has supported calls for an immediate ceasefire and to send humanitarian aid and assistance to Gaza to save as many lives as possible.


On February 14, the policy department participated in a fines and fees justice press conference hosted by the Legal Aid Justice Center with impacted community members, advocates, and elected officials to bring attention to the issues of court debt brought on by fines and fees and the numerous bills seeking to reduce their harm and create a more just system. 


TWU has been hard at work this past month! The Fairfax County mobile home coalition analyzed the socioeconomic status of their communities to use data to present clear investment requests to the County Board of Supervisors.

In Prince William County, TWU held a public speaking workshop where members learned how to tell their personal stories, and later mobilized to a public hearing to powerfully advocate for affordable and dignified housing for those at the lowest income levels.

Alexandria United Teens launched a strong social media campaign to elevate youth voices, raise awareness about mental health, and hold ACPS School Board Members accountable for better monitoring and implementation of Restorative Practices.

In Alexandria City, we are actively organizing to prevent the mass displacement we anticipate from any major developments at Potomac Yard, and we continue fighting for significant investments in affordable and dignified housing for those at the lowest income levels.

Follow these campaigns and more on TWU’s Facebook and Instagram!


Before crossover, staff tracked over 51 bills across our priority issue areas: education, criminal legal system, reproductive rights, housing, and queer liberation, and post-crossover, around 15 bills are being tracked. All of the harmful bills will not be advancing past crossover- including seven anti-trans bills.

Check out our education post-crossover report on Instagram.

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