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Dignified Housing Petition

Virginia has a housing crisis. Across the Commonwealth, working-class communities are struggling to find housing that is affordable, clean, and safe. Many pay a huge portion of their income towards rent while living in substandard, poorly maintained units, and rising housing costs and the end of eviction protections are putting tenants in danger of displacement. 

From Hampton Roads to Richmond to Northern Virginia, we are organizing among our friends, neighbors, and communities to demand housing with dignity for all Virginians. 

Building tenant power is a key component to winning housing justice for all. That's why we're organizing with tenants across Virginia to ensure investment in more affordable housing, guarantee clean and safe living conditions, and prevent the displacement of working-class communities. 

Sign the petition in support of Housing With Dignity: every Virginian has a right to safe, sanitary, well-maintained, and affordable housing! 

*If you are directly impacted by unsafe or unsanitary housing conditions, or are at risk of displacement due to housing costs, share your story and get connected with a New Virginia Majority organizer today!




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