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April 2024 Newsletter

New Virginia Majority and the hub organizations’ dedication to the fight for tenants rights, affordable housing, and gig worker justice remains steadfast as we continue to build leadership within our working class communities. Here are our April highlights:

New Virginia Majority Richmond Chapter

  • NVM Tenants Association leadership council met on April 6th to strategize for mass mobilization on May 28th, centered on advocating the city for better housing standards and protections. Additionally, council members received training on the effectiveness of fighting together for housing justice and using phone calls as a mobilization tool.
  • Tenants from the Residences of Brookside met with Richmond organizers to discuss the upcoming May 28th action and the importance of mobilizing at city hall regarding the housing crisis. 
  • On April 11th, we invited the youth in Brookside to canvass their community and invite tenants to our monthly chapter meeting. We also organized youth activities, like face painting and discussions focused on enhancing the Brookside community.
  • The Richmond chapter, with the help of community volunteers, knocked on doors to spread the word about the city-wide tenants association. 
  • Our Spring Leadership Program continues to strengthen our leaders’ understanding about local and state-wide campaigns. We are now discussing how to lead a successful campaign.
  • Richmond tenants are mobilizing at Richmond City Hall on May 28th to demand utility assistance, better maintenance code enforcement, and eviction protection from the city. Sign up and join us:

Richmond Chapter held strategy meetings about the May 28th mobilization and canvassed with the youth

New Virginia Majority Loudoun Chapter

  • New Virginia Majority Loudoun partnered with NOVA Labor to offer our members participation in an employment law clinic that provides resources to support undocumented workers experiencing wage theft.
  • NVM Fairfax members spoke at the Fairfax County Budget Public Hearing, calling for more affordable housing funds.
  • Members canvassed at laundromats to conduct surveys on public education. 
  • Leadership Council members led an orientation meeting in Sterling for new members to learn about the history and mission of New Virginia Majority!

Loudoun Chapter's Leadership council meeting and canvassing efforts

Tenants and Workers United (TWU)

  • Prince William County community members continue to mobilize and push for an additional $5 million for the county’s Housing Trust Fund, as well as annual investments in the fund. 
  • Fairfax County community members mobilized at the Supervisor’s meeting to demand funding for health and safety repairs for mobile homes and funding for a locally funded housing voucher program to support families who earn 40% of the area median income (AMI) and below. 
  • Alexandria City community members made the front page of the Alexandria Times! Our members had a strong turnout at a recent public hearing where they advocated for additional funding for the ARISE guaranteed income program and affordable housing for low-income families.

TWU members mobilized and made front page news

Virginia Black Organizing Collaborative (VA BLOC)

  • We attended and presented at the Hampton Roads Social Justice Conference, where our “Finding Your Lane" presentation focused on guiding ordinary people toward impactful activism. We aimed to empower and inform our participants to take action alongside like-minded people and make “good trouble.
  • In addition to advocacy workshops with the city of Newport News' Neighborhood Leadership Institute and Earth Day pop-ups, we held our final meeting of the Dreamer's Institute, where the girls prepped for their own pop-up at a community resource fair to spread awareness of their Better Meals campaign.

VA BLOC at Hampton Roads Social Justice Conference and Earth Day Pop-Up

Asian American Pacific Islander Civic Engagement Collaborative (ACE Collaborative)

  • We met with Delegate Srinivasan at a town hall on April 24th to recap the 2024 legislative session and encourage his continued support on a pay transparency bill for gig drivers. 
  • We held a group lunch, wishing a farewell to organizer Justin Gomez, who is starting a new work adventure.

ACE meeting with Delegate Srinivasan and Justin’s farewell lunch

New Virginia Majority Political Team

  • Ahead of this April's veto session, the political team spent time generating constituent calls for important bills like minimum wage and protecting election workers. 
  • We held our annual in-person training in Richmond and covered topics like why voting matters, what’s on the ballot this year, and election protection and conspiracies.
  • Our volunteer team held their monthly meeting on the state budget featuring speakers from The Commonwealth Institute. To get connected with our volunteer team, visit

The Political team preparing to get out the vote in the June primary election

New Virginia Majority Policy Team

  • The Virginia General Assembly reconvened on April 17, 2024, where the focus turned to Governor Youngkin, who had vetoed over 153 bills. Without agreement on a final budget, the General Assembly called for a Special Session to be held on May 13th to finalize the state budget. 
  • This session, our team championed 192 bills. Of the bills, the team advocated in support of 166 bills and opposed 26 bills. Learn more about the status of legislation by viewing our 2024 Virginia General Assembly Bill Tracker.
  • There is a movement in Virginia to evolve our judicial system to decrease the emphasis on punishment and focus more on healing or restoring what was damaged by criminal or civil offenses. Learn about the work of our Policy Director, Chlo’e Edwards, and other advocates through Virginia Public Media’s weekly news show, Focal Point.

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