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New Virginia Majority Newsletter: March 2022

Thank you for your ongoing support of New Virginia Majority. Here are some updates from our organization this month.

Housing Justice in Loudoun County, VA

As rent continues to skyrocket and the scarcity of affordable housing options doesn’t improve, many Loudoun County residents are still struggling to afford to live in the area. These residents, who are frequently essential workers in the county, are forced to choose between cramped living spaces, or leaving the area altogether, which would mean losing the benefits of Loudoun’s wonderful public school system, including its extensive special education programs. You can read more about the Loudoun housing crisis from current and former residents in their letters to the editor below.

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Housing Justice in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk City Council is about to decide how they will be allotting the $154 million they received from the American Rescue Plan Act. For the past few months, Norfolk has been surveying its residents about how they believe the money should be spent. NVM Organizers along with Norfolk community members hand-delivered a letter request about the issue to the city manager’s office.

The request is for funds to be allocated to low income families who have been hit hardest during the Pandemic and still have so much to lose. With the city manager submitting his recommendations earlier this month, time is running out to make sure that low-income families don’t get left behind. 

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2022 Virginia Legislative Victory Shortlist

Criminal Justice 

  • HB282 Improves hiring practices by directing the regulatory boards governing occupations that need a license, certificate, or registration to create and publish guidelines that detail what offenses would directly impede the chances of getting hired in that profession. 

Environmental Justice 

  • HB142SB342 Creates greater flexibility in the Transit Ridership Incentive Program (TRIP) funding formula - which supports the development and operation of zero-fare transit programs across Virginia. 


  • HB439Provides that whenever there is a proposed constitutional amendment or statewide referendum on the ballot, the printed instructions with the absentee ballot materials are required to include the website address where the explanation for such amendment or referendum is posted on the Department of Elections website.

Housing Justice

  • HB614/  SB474 Removes the requirement to post an appeal bond during eviction cases for low-income tenants, allowing tenants to appeal their eviction case without having to pay a fine.
  • HB802  Provides that any county, city, or town may bring an action against landlords related to health and safety to enforce the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.
  • HB1065 Establishes a stakeholder group to convene to develop more equitable lease formats and sale notices related to manufactured homes.

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