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New Virginia Majority Newsletter: June 2022

Thank you for your ongoing support of New Virginia Majority. Here are some updates from our organization this month.

Celebrate Our 15 year Anniversary! 

New Virginia Majority was founded in 2007 in response to the failure to pass federal comprehensive immigration reform. We sought to engage “new Americans” in a more deliberate and strategic way by combining targeted voter organizing with an ideological approach to community organizing that has evolved over decades. 

To help us raise money for the upcoming 2022 elections here in Virginia, we will be sending a brand new New Virginia Majority keychain to those who donate $15 to our organization. With the midterm elections in 131 days, we need your help to support our canvassing, phone banking, and outreach efforts to maintain progress for #AllOfUs.

Power Concedes Nothing: Focus on the South

New Virginia Majority’s Co-Executive Director, Jon Liss was featured on a panel of contributors of the new book, “Power Concedes Nothing: How Grassroots Organizing Wins Elections.” Jon Liss authored a chapter in the book highlighting how New Virginia Majority has expanded voting rights in Virginia to help underrepresented communities have equitable access to the polls. You can watch the panel discussion or purchase a copy of the new book. 

Legislative Debrief Event 

Our Policy Team hosted a panel discussion on the outcome of the Virginia 2022 General Assembly session and the progress we made together, key challenges and opportunities, and next steps for 2023. Click here to watch this discussion. 

Support the work of New Virginia Majority by donating $3 to our organization. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest updates. 

Together, we can lead the way toward a progressive Virginia for all of us.

In solidarity, 

The Development Team

New Virginia Majority

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