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Our Statement Calling for a Ceasefire Now

October 25, 2023

Statement on Events Unfolding in Gaza and Our Call for a Ceasefire

Our work has always been rooted in a respect for human life and calls for not just inclusion and tolerance, but an unapologetic embrace of democracy, justice, and progress, particularly for those who struggle for a better life. Applying these values gets more complicated in a struggle that takes place thousands of miles away. Yet, we are deeply connected when the United States is an influential and active participant, and as the Israeli-Gaza conflict spills to our shores and ripples throughout our own communities. 

We unequivocally condemn anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, extremism, and hate in all forms. This is especially urgent in the face of the dangerous rise in anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim bigotry and violence in the U.S. All people have a fundamental right to live free of violence and war. 

There are no words to adequately describe our grief and horror as we witness the escalating violence in Israel and Gaza. There is no justification in international law for the targeting of civilians - that was true when Hamas attacked and killed over a thousand Israeli civilians, and it is true now as Israel subjects Palestinian civilians to an aerial bombardment that has killed thousands of Gazans, while over a million more are without food, water, and electricity. 

While our work typically focuses on state-level organizing and civic engagement, it is our collective responsibility to condemn atrocities taking place in Gaza with the massive financial support of our government. We have the power and responsibility to speak up to save as many lives as we still can, and to stop the destruction of homes and communities.

We support the recent resolution proposed by Rep. Cori Bush and Rep. Rashida Tlaib “urging the Biden Administration to call for an immediate de-escalation and ceasefire in Israel and occupied Palestine, to send humanitarian aid and assistance to Gaza, and to save as many lives as possible.”

Please take action now:

Contact President Biden and your member of Congress to call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. 

For peace and justice,

Jon Liss and Tram Nguyen
Co-Executive Directors
New Virginia Majority