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DMV Drivers Alliance


Work has not been easy to come by in the last few years, especially for working-class and immigrant families in our communities. During the pandemic, the ACE Collaborative worked on a housing campaign at Barcroft Apartments in Arlington. We learned that some of those tenants were Uber & Lyft drivers who had taken on gig work to support their families, but there seemed to be several obstacles in their way.
The ACE Collaborative looked into these issues, slowly beginning to uncover the complexity of this multifaceted issue. 

We noticed in the densely populated areas of Northern Virginia there are large groups of immigrant communities, and Uber and Lyft are quick and easy methods of gaining work. However despite the efficiency of these platforms, we know Uber and Lyft are megacorporations that prioritize profit over people. With this in mind, our organization pushed further into listening to what our community members who were working for Uber and Lyft had to say about it. 

After identifying members of the AAPI community in Northern Virginia that were Uber or Lyft drivers, we gathered folks together at the beginning of 2023 to open a space for discussion about work conditions. Within this space we learned that our community members were dealing with sudden changes in payment agreements with these corporations, and a lack of protections for drivers who sought to speak out against these unfair practices. 

From these, we identified three primary demands:

  • Higher pay for all Uber & Lyft drivers
  • Pay transparency to let drivers know how much they were making per trip
  • Protections against unfair account deactivations

Throughout 2023 and 2024, we are hosting strategy and skill-share sessions with drivers, supporting Drivers Strikes calling on Uber & Lyft Drivers to shut off their rideshare apps for the day and raise awareness in the media and through public actions like car caravans.

We are continuing to collectivize and collaborate with drivers, slowly ramping up toward additional actions.


For more information reach out to one of  our organizers!


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