Our Work

Voter Organizing

New Virginia Majority grows out of the best organizing traditions in the commonwealth. As such, we seek to win elections and shape public policy with an eye towards organizing communities and building power.

Our voter outreach program prioritizes building relationships with community residents and bringing neighbors together to create change, whether or not there’s an election on the horizon. We work with residents to organize their own neighborhoods in an effort to win policy victories, educate their friends’ and families about critical issues, and lead voter turnout operations.

Voter Organizing is at the heart of our organization’s mission. Our voter organizers are trained to identify and recruit leaders, motivate residents to take action, and educate voters about things they care deeply about. We believe that Virginia’s progressive majority can achieve it’s vision for a fair and equal Virginia when its organized and working together.

Want to be a voter organizer? Contact us and help build the New Virginia Majority.


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