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Norfolk Housing and Environmental Justice

The Norfolk Housing and Environmental Justice Chapter organizes for housing justice and environmental justice. Recently, we have fought the displacement of public housing residents at St. Paul’s and coal dust pollution from trains in Lambert’s Point. 

Housing Justice 

In Norfolk, we are organizing to prevent the mass displacement of thousands of Black residents in Norfolk. For public housing, this means not only the right to return, but one-for-one replacement housing, assuring that residents who do not wish to return end up in more favorable positions, a build-first model, and maintenance of the existing units. This is the most significant part of an effort to hold the city and NRHA accountable for their decades of egregious behavior toward Black residents, residents of color, and low-income residents. 

Environmental Justice 

In Lambert’s Point Norfolk, we are working alongside residents to bring awareness that residents' opinions, property values, peace of mind, and HEALTH are not valued as much as the financial gain from corporations. Part of this work includes having the coal cars covered in an effort to protect residents of Lambert’s Point, a neighborhood that for most of Norfolk’s history has been inhabited by Black homeowners and their children.

Join Us! Contact our organizer Monét Johnson at (757) 453-5592 or [email protected] for more information.