New Virginia Majority Statement on Del. Marcus B. Simon’s proposed constitutional amendment

Virginia continues to face challenges from an enduring legacy of depriving certain people of their right to vote. New Virginia Majority supports Del. Simon’s (D-Fairfax)proposed constitutional amendment, which recognizes the rights of all citizens to participate in our democracy. We must challenge restrictive voting measures wherever they exist which, in the case of felon voting rights, is as simple as deleting one sentence.

“I will be voting for the first time in my life.” said Tammie Noey, 51, of Richmond, who is an active member of her community and whose voting rights were recently restored. “I am so grateful for this proposed constitutional amendment that recognizes my fundamental rights and no longer allows people like myself to be erased from the democratic process."

Del. Simon's proposed amendment removes an outdated, racist barrier to the right to vote. Felony disenfranchisement serves no legitimate purpose and is designed solely to lock certain people out of the voting process. The General Assembly has a choice to make – continue to uphold the vestiges of Jim Crow, or leave racism where it belongs, in the past.

Contact: Jasmine Leeward, [email protected], 804-250-6514


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