New Virginia Majority Response to Driver Privilege Cards Passage

April 22, 2020
Contact: Debra Freeman, [email protected], 757-452-1143

For too long, undocumented Virginians have been denied access to driving privileges in the state and not been able to participate in their communities while being free from fear. 

Providing an alternative form of identification for undocumented residents is an opportunity to amend this standing injustice. New Virginia Majority applauds the General Assembly for adopting the Governor’s amendments to ensure Driver Privilege Cards are identical to state drivers licenses, and reducing its potential to make communities more vulnerable to attack. 

“This is a crucial advancement for those that have waited patiently just to participate as active members in their communities, to drive themselves to work, take loved ones to appointments, and go grocery shopping for their families,” said Jon Liss, co-executive director of New Virginia Majority in response. 

New Virginia Majority recognizes this as a step in the right direction for immigrant protections and toward a more inclusive Virginia. Our organizers, advocates and chapter members will continue to fight for these communities until they are granted the full protections and access to driver’s licenses in the state.

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