New Virginia Majority Applauds Virginia Legal Action Against Donald Trump

We applaud the recent announcement by Attorney General Mark Herring that the Commonwealth of Virginia is joining the lawsuit against Donald Trump for his unlawful and unconstitutional executive order banning entry into the United States to people from certain countries.  The executive order, which targets our communities -- refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and other vulnerable people — has resulted in an escalating climate of bigotry and xenophobia, and people living in fear and confusion throughout the state.

"My family came to this country in 1981 as refugees, fleeing a war-torn Vietnam,” said New Virginia Majority Co-executive director Tram Nguyen. “My family’s story is not unique. For many, like my dad, to not leave is to face certain death. The current exodus of Syrian refugees cries for the same humanitarian response that saved my family. Politicians who would reject families who seek safety from terror don’t represent my values or the values of those who welcomed me and my family to Virginia.”

We thank Attorney General Herring for this announcement, which is a critical step to protect democracy and the people of the Commonwealth.

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