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Virginia is For Voters - Support HJ598

Support HJ598 to guarantee the right to vote in Virginia, including for returning citizens

The Constitutional Amendment HJ598. guarantees the right to vote for anyone who qualifies -- removing from current constitutional qualifications to vote not having been convicted of a felony. The Amendment is being heard by lawmakers NOW. Help us spread the word to make sure we expand voting rights and send the message: Virginia Is For Voters.

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‣Urge the House Privileges and Elections Committee to end Jim Crow in Virginia, restore the vote fully and fairly.
‣I support HJ598 to make Virginia's right to vote guaranteed, including for returning citizens. Call your lawmakers now:
‣#LetMyPeopleVote Call NOW:
‣ Let go of Jim Crow! #LetMyPeopleVote! Call NOW:!
‣ Let's end the abhorrent, racist legacy of Jim Crow. #LetMyPeopleVote! Call NOW:!
‣ Support a constitutional amendment to guarantee voting rights, and restore our right to vote #LetMyPeopleVote! Call NOW:!

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