Hundreds March to General Assembly Building and Lobby for Civil Rights

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Hundreds March to General Assembly Building and Lobby for Democratic Rights

At General Assembly building, worker leaders train, march, and lobby for 2017 goals

More than 300 Virginians convened in Richmond on Monday for New Virginia Majority’s Day of Action 2017. The group marched to the General Assembly Building to lobby legislators for protection and justice for immigrants, affordable education, rights restoration for returning citizens-- and more.

On the day commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., New Virginia Majority members and allies met with 65 legislators and asked them to support legislation that makes Virginia more democratic, just, and inclusive for all. Most members were lobbying for the first time. Members and allies were predominantly working class people of color, immigrants, returning citizens, students, and women. People came from all over Virginia for Day of Action: Alexandria, Manassas, Woodbridge, Fairfax, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and more.

“This is my first time being a part of the legislative process,” said New Virginia Majority member Christopher Rashad Green of Richmond, whose voting rights were restored last year. “Day of Action empowered me to fight for what my community needs and to take my civic engagement to new heights.”

"I am at Day of Action to stand with my brothers and sisters and to advocate for driver's licenses for immigrants," said Alba Rodriguez of Manassas, who's called Virginia "home" for over 20 years. "As a mother I would like to take my kids to soccer practice, to school, to church. I would like to get a job to help my family have a better quality of life."

In 2017, New Virginia Majority will support legislation that streamlines the voter registration process, gives driving privileges to immigrants, automatically restores voting rights to returning citizens, and promotes access to higher education.

Throughout 2017, the group will continue to mobilize communities to realize its vision of Virginia that brings full participation, democracy, and equality to working people and people of color across the state. New Virginia Majority is focused on building political power on campuses, small towns, the urban crescent, NOVA and more. Members are determined to make sure any attempts to roll back progress are met with strategic resistance.



photo credit: New Virginia Majority


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